Keys to a Successful Minecraft Server

Updated: Oct 19

Here are the basics that every Minecraft server requires to become a successful Minecraft server.

Servers. Specifically, Minecraft Servers. When creating a Minecraft server, whether a custom Minecraft server or using a pre-made Minecraft server template, there are basics that can determine whether a server will be successful. In today's world, Owners typically look to focus on how to "innovate" the Minecraft server industry. However, the one thing always forgotten is first impressions - in other words, the basics to becoming a successful Minecraft server. To help you out, here are the top things that every Minecraft server needs to be successful.

Main Lobby

The main lobby, otherwise known in Minecraft as a hub or spawn, is a key to the player's initial thoughts on the server. A server with a spawn that is a vanilla Minecraft village is a server with a lesser chance of success than a server with a custom-built Minecraft spawn or Minecraft hub. The reasoning for this is due to players being presented with a feeling as to not only the quality of the server but also the effort the owner will be putting in. You don't need to spend a massive amount of money on a custom Minecraft spawn, but rather purchase a cheap Minecraft spawn from Dollar Builds by clicking here!

Staff Team

Building a successful server always includes one thing Owners wish could be avoided. Hackers - among other things. With a staff team that worry is often minimalized to nothing. While the first players you bring onto your staff team may not have the longest list of experience, they have the ability to learn the ins and outs, just like you are learning. Eventually, not only will they have the respect of the players, but will be there to treat the new players like family - meaning your community becomes more wholesome and grows as it does. You don't need to only ask your friends to be on your Minecraft staff team. Instead, try posting on a forum, like Planet Minecraft, by clicking here!

Discord Server

Connection. It is the one thing we all want in this world, but specifically, want with those who we play video games with. In other words, it is our way to keep in touch with our fellow Minecraft players outside of the server. Creating a Discord server allows for interactions between the community as a whole when unable to be on the server. A Discord server allows players to request support, appeal a ban on their favorite server - Hypixel, or simply just grow their enjoyment in the community - your community. People often forget, but that is how some of the largest Minecraft creators, like TommyInnit, Ranboo, Wilbur Soot, and so many others communicate and create their content. You don't even need to pay for a Discord account or Minecraft Discord server. Simply head over to Discord, by clicking here!

Even with this list, the success of your Minecraft server depends on one main thing - your dedication. While we don't wish to detour you away from building the next top Minecraft server, we do say to ensure that you have planned out what will be the key features and ensure they are obtainable for all to enjoy on release. Best of luck to you, our future top Minecraft server owner.

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