Top Minecraft Server Gamemodes | 2022 Edition

As you begin on your quest to create a successful Minecraft server - whether that be in terms of profit, player count, or how interactive your community is - it can be difficult to know what gamemodes are optimal for the success of your Minecraft server.

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1. LifeSteal SMP

The gamemode commonly known as "LifeSteal" is essentially a highly-competitive Minecraft SMP. Rather than playing as a team with your fellow Minecraft server players, you are playing against them - meaning the more you kill and loot, the stronger you become. If you are on the opposite end, where you die, you will lose one health - in this case, a heart - and eventually, be banned from competing for that season. LifeSteal has become a highly competitive gamemode featured by a ton of Minecraft content creators.

2. Survival Multiplayer (SMP)

Similar to the LifeSteal SMP, this gamemode is also survival based. The key difference is this gamemode is designed to build a community that works as a team, rather than competing against each other.

A recent example of a popularized SMP is the DreamSMP, founded by the content creator Dream - who recently just did a face reveal. With the creation of this SMP, and the addition of large content creators, like TommyInnit, fans all around the world began searching the internet for the most exciting SMP to play on!

3. Skyblock

Skyblock. Once considered to be an "outdated" and "dead" gamemode, has made a rapid revitalization. What is the reasoning for this, you may ask? Well, that answer is because of one server - Hypixel.

Rather than the basic 'Mine in a Cobblestone Generator', Hypixel added custom mines, minions, interactive roleplay, and even custom items! All these features had made the gamemode more community based - and as you join newly released Minecraft Skyblock servers, you can see that is what the trend is following.


Overall, the trends of popular and successful Minecraft servers is pointing to one correlation no matter the gamemode - community. Rather than a hostile and toxic chat, like seen on Faction servers, players want a sense of unity. With times like COVID-19, players want people they can say are their friends - even if it is virtually. So next time you are choosing a gamemode and having all of these custom features built into the server, think about one question - will the community be able to build a bond with each other?

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